Informality, a Principle of Ombuds Work

Informality is a standard of ombuds practice as outlined by the International Ombudsman Association.  What does this standard mean, and how might it be important to you as you explore options for resolving a conflict? 

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The Process (and not just the content) of Dispute Resolution

"I want to thank you for all your efforts.  We didn't achieve the outcome we were hoping for, but it was not through any lack of effort or empathy on your part."

This is the kind of thing I sometimes hear from visitors to my office, and as the Ombudsman I believe we can learn some interesting things about conflict from this perspective.  Often we think about the content of a conflict: I want a better grade, or access to more financial aid, or a better working relationship with with my advisor.  Sometimes we get some or all of what we want, and sometimes we do not.

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How Ombuds Can Help

Read what the Office can do pertaining to conflicts, disputes, concerns and complaints that students have about the functioning of the University.


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Conflict as a Catalyst
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