End-of-Semester Ombuds Referrals

As we pass Thanksgiving and move into December, the end of a semester may bring conflict situations into sharper focus. These may be conflicts that have been brewing for a while and are now reaching a critical point as the end of the term nears. Or these could be new situations that arise and require resolution as deadlines loom.

The Ombudsman is a resource for students to bring problems and concerns about the functioning of the University. These situations can relate to any aspect of the University. Some typical end-of-semester concerns include:

When Should I Contact the Ombudsman?

“When should I make an appointment to talk with the Ombudsman?” This is a common question, without an easy answer. Perhaps the shortest, and best, answer is: any time that feels right to the individual given the specifics of the situation. I talk with students at every stage of a conflict, and there can be much gained from a conversation at any point along the way.

Principles of Collaborative Conflict Resolution

Units on campus may articulate guidelines and principles for many things.  However, that may not be the case for managing and resolving conflict situations, even though we know that conflict is a part of any organization.  Taking some time to consider a collaborative and principled response to challenging conflict situations can contribute to a healthy and inclusive climate for all, even under trying circumstances. 

Consider these principles as a starting point for collaborative conflict resolution:

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