Why You May Want to Contact the Office of the Ombuds

If you are a student having a serious dispute with the University and you:

  • do not know how to proceed,
  • are trying to avoid escalation conflict,
  • feel unfairly or insensitively treated,
  • believe that your due process rights have been violated,
  • feel subjected to intimidating, bullying, or emotionally toxic behavior,
  • feel your concerns are not being listened to, 
  • feel powerless
  • need coaching on dispute resolution skills,
  • believe the University should improve its policies, procedures, and patterns of treament.

Students contact our office for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes, students just want to talk. Others are reluctant to go through formal channels, while some do not know where to begin. Many students have tried other avenues to obtain help but have not found the assistance that they need.

If you are not sure if the Office of the Ombuds can help, please contact us anyway. We may be able to point you in the right direction!