Student Fitness for Continued Enrollment — New Guidance

New guidance is now available to help academic units manage situations in which there is concern about whether a student with a mental health impairment is fit for continued enrollment or return to enrollment after an absence.  The guidance acknowledges the University's core values of nondiscrimination and inclusiveness, health and safety, the integrity of academic standards, and confidentiality and privacy.



Office of the Ombudsman Annual Report 2012-2013

The Ombuds office is a place where student questions, complaints and concerns about the functioning of the University can be discussed confidentially in a safe environment. The Office offers informal dispute resolution services, provides resources and referrals, and helps students consider options available to them

UM Sexual Misconduct Policy and the Ombuds Office

This past fall the University implemented a new Policy on Sexual Misconduct by Students.  The policy, which applies to all U-M students as well as participants in University-sponsored programs, took effect August 19.  The new policy replaces an interim procedure that was put into effect August 2011 in response to new guidance provided to all universities by the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights.

Managing the Classroom: Roles, Rules and Expectations

At the University of Michigan, as at perhaps all institutions, individual instructors are given broad leeway to manage their classrooms in ways they deem appropriate.  Course syllabi and instructor statements provide an opportunity for instructors to establish clear rules and norms of each classroom.  And yet, despite best efforts and intentions, conflict can arise especially when instructor and student expectations clash. 



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