As we pass Thanksgiving and move into December, the end of a semester may bring conflict situations into sharper focus. These may be conflicts that have been brewing for a while and are now reaching a critical point as the end of the term nears. Or these could be new situations that arise and require resolution as deadlines loom.

The Ombudsman is a resource for students to bring problems and concerns about the functioning of the University. These situations can relate to any aspect of the University. Some typical end-of-semester concerns include:

• Fulfilling academic requirements
• Issues related to degree progress
• Concerns about probation, suspension or dismissal
• Disputes with instructors, including grades and grading methods
• Enrollment concerns
• Financial aid disputes
• Tuition and fee concerns

As a confidential, neutral resource, the Ombuds can be a safe place to share your concerns and consider resolution options. If you believe you are being treated unfairly, or feel powerless and do not know how to proceed, a conversation with the Ombudsman may help you generate next steps to move forward.

In the weeks ahead, I encourage you to reach out to our office as a place that may respectfully listen to your concerns. You may email me directly at or call our office at 734-763-3545 to arrange an initial meeting.

Conflict as a Catalyst
for Change

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