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What Concerns Can I Bring to the Ombudsman?

Students can contact the Ombudsman regarding any problem or dispute they are having with any part of the University. Given the size and breadth of the campus, it is probably no surprise that over the course of a year the Ombudsman will work with students on a wide range of topics. However, historically these issues tend to be the most common that we see:

Academic-Related Concerns:

  • Academic dishonesty situations
  • Concerns about progress to degree 
  •  Probation/Suspension/Dismissal
  • Problems or concerns about instructor or advisor
  • Grade grievance concerns


Non-Academic Concerns:

  • Questions and concerns about the Residency process
  • Financial aid-related issues and questions
  • On-campus housing concerns
  • Feelings of harassment or discrimination
  • Conflicts or concerns related to student employment

Regardless of your concerns, if you are having a problem or dispute with the University and would like to discuss it with a confidential, neutral, informal and independent person on campus, I encourage you to contact the Office of the Ombudsman.

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